Could Sadiq Khan Become Britain’s First Asian Prime Minister?

Sadiq Khan British Asian Mayor of London

There is a long running belief in the British Asian world that some jobs are just reserved for “white people”. Call it racist. Call it unfair. Call it what you like – we’ve all heard our parents or aunts and uncles say it. But maybe change is closer than it appears if there’s a chance that a British Asian could become the most powerful man in Britain?

The Labour party is currently in turmoil. Jeremy Corbyn has won two leadership votes and remains the leader of the opposition despite many political commentators and Labour Party members certifying him unelectable; and even an attempt to unseat him.

But this week, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s popularity has had a boost after a recent poll.

The YouGov Poll found that less than 20% of Labour supporters think Jeremy Corbyn is capable of winning a general election, with the same poll also finding that nearly 60% of Londoners believe that their Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is doing a good job.

Sadiq Khan poll
Sadiq Khan is doing a good job says 58% of London

This of course builds Khan’s credibility and perhaps increases his likelihood of becoming a future Labour leader. And that or course begs the question… Could it be only a few years before we have a British Asian Prime Minister?