Iqbal Mohammed’s New Film ‘Three Minute Warning’ Shines Spotlight on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Iqbal Mohammed
Iqbal Mohammed at Moet British Independent Film Awards

For most of us, the Israel-Palestine conflict has been in the headlines for most of our lives, on and off, like a problem that won’t go away. And it is an issue that many British Asians, particularly in the Muslim community, feel very strongly about.

One such person is Huddersfield pharmacist turned filmmaker, Iqbal Mohammed, whom, in his new film ‘Three Minute Warning’, explores the conditions under which civilians in Gaza must live.

The film follows the story of a girl and her disabled mother who, like many Palestinians in real life, are given three minutes to evacuate their homes when a warming bomb is detonated, before the real bombs start falling. As the film’s opening states, “Most evacuate but some aren’t so lucky…”

The film has been screened around the world at no less than 22 film festivals across twelve different countries including the US, Canada, India, Brazil and Albania as well as here in the UK and has won several awards including Best Film, Best Human Rights Film & an Audience Choice Award.

After a successful festival run, the film is now available on YouTube for the world to see, but if you don’t want to leave this lovely site, it’s embedded to watch here too!

Clearly intending to make a political statement, the film points out that during the 2014 Gaza war, 2100 Palestinian civilians lost their lives including 495 children.