Will Donald Trump Carry Out His Pledge To Ban Muslims From the US?

Donald Trump

The unthinkable has happened. Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States and the leader of the free world after a worrying campaign fraught with bigotry and racism.

During his unusual yet historic campaign to win the race to the White House, Trump made a number of outlandish statements based on race or religion, including perhaps most famously, “A total and complete shut down on Muslims entering the United States until such time as our nation’s leaders can figure out what’s going on.”

As Trump spoke, the international community listened with open mouths.

The question of whether he would win the election has been answered. And while many of us are still coming to terms with the new reality, the remaining question is whether Trump will carry out this ban, having already made U-Turns on several other policy promises.

The ban on Muslims entering the US seems to relaxing into “extreme vetting of all visitors to the United States”.

Sources in the US have said that something like a ban based on religious beliefs would be in contravention of the rules set out by the Founding Fathers and would as such certainly be referred to the Supreme Court, who would deem it unconstitutional.

So it’s looking like it can’t happen.

But the question for many of us, I think, after an election the offended so many, is not whether Trump will let us visit America, but whether or not we still want to go.