Uproar Over French Burkini Ban


A growing number of cities on the French Riveria are banning the full-body swim suit known as the Burkini, which is popular with Muslim women, amid what they are calling ‘security concerns’.

The mayor of the French city of Cannes, the latest to exercise the ban, has said in a statement that the swimsuits “could risk disrupting public order while France was the target of terrorist attacks”, while anti-racism groups are vowing to get the ordinance overturned.

The good news is that besides the French authorities, it seems that almost nobody thinks the ban is either logical or a good idea.

What a woman chooses to wear on a beach should be up to her. Especially in a country as liberal as France where nudism is perfectly acceptable.

This is exactly the kind of anti-Islamic move that will be used as ammunition by those aiming to recruit extremists. It doesn’t make France safer. It makes it more dangerous.