Trump’s Muslim Ban: Burning Mosques, Protests And Pro-Bono Lawyers

Trump's Muslim Ban Protest

It’s hard to believe the events unfolding in the US right now.

The so-called President of the United States (I refuse to accept him as President), enforced his ban on immigrants entering the United States from seven majority Muslim countries on Saturday causing widespread chaos and scenes which, during the last thirty years, have only been seen in movies.

American nationals with connections to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Sudan were refused entry back into the US in airports all over the country, sparking widespread protests from the Democratic resistance… and… anybody with common sense really.

Among those caught up in all of this is Oscar nominated director Asghar Farhadi who may now be unable to attend the ceremony because of his Iranian heritage.

And sadly such a policy prompted hate crimes, the most famous of which currently, is the burning to the ground of a Texas mosque within hours of the ban being enforced.

Texas Mosque Burned

But humanity is not dead.

Lawyers headed to airports across America and agreed to work with those affected by the ban on a pro-bono basis to lodge a legal challenge to Trump’s Muslim ban and in the early hours of Sunday morning (UK time), the ban was delayed when a judge granted what is known in legal circles as a stay.